TFC European Oak beam [100cm / 3'3"]
TFC European Oak beam [100cm / 3'3"]
The Foot Collective UK

TFC European Oak beam [100cm / 3'3"]

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Introducing the newest member to our TFC UK family, the European Oak beam! Price includes shipping.

*NOTE: Please see second picture for accurate colour representation 

Beam training is a fun and powerful way to help reclaim your hip and ankle stability, foot strength and mobility, and improve your overall body awareness. Not to mention the mindfulness benefits!

Don’t be surprised if it's harder than it looks at first - with consistent practice you will improve quickly!


- Single balance beam, locally made and engraved, from European sourced Oak

- Pair of TFC Cork Cradles

- Lifetime access to TFC Beam Training System (link will be sent separately via email)

- Price includes shipping

**NOTE: Rubber cradles and sweaty feet can leave marks and stains on the wood finish, but this can be sanded if you don't like the look (we actually like to see the signs of wear because it's the evidence of physical and mental practice)